Social responsibility

What we're about

We see too many companies doing whatever it takes to nab a bigger piece of the pie. Heftier piles of money, a larger market share, and so forth—you get the idea. Plus, a lot of startups glorify 60-hour work weeks that keep people from spending time with friends, family, and nature.

None of that is for us.

Success means making some money, then using our profits as a force for good. We support a number of charities, focusing on three key areas:

Child hunger
One in five children in America goes hungry at least once each year. We turn silicone bib sales into donations to the leading national hunger non-profit. Each silicone bib sold provides one healthy, nutritious meal to someone who needs it.
The climate crisis is here. Now is the time to take big, daring steps if we're going to save this planet for future generations. We financially support organizations that advocate for our environment.
Maternal and infant health
The United States is the only first-world country where maternal mortality is increasing. Worse still, black women are three to four times more likely to succumb to a pregnancy-related death than white women. This is unacceptable. We enthusiastically donate to nonprofits working to create a world where mothers and their babies are given the health care, respect, and dignity they deserve.

Our environmental commitment

Babies deserve to grow up and inherit an inhabitable world. That's why, wherever and whenever possible, we seek to minimize our impact on the environment. Here's a sampling of our current endeavors.
We're rather ruthless when it comes to cutting plastic from our home and business. We're thrilled that our manufacturer worked with us to reduce our plastic bag usage by 90% compared to their standard order, but we're pushing hard to get it down even more. We also say no to stickers and labels with plastic-based coating and adhesives, since they don't biodegrade and can't be recycled.
Carbon-neutral shipping
At checkout, we offer the option of making your shipment carbon-neutral through Cloverly—and we hope you'll do it. Gives you a nice fuzzy feeling inside.
Responsible use of paper
Our packaging and stationery is made of recycled and/or FSC-certified paper, which is fully recyclable and biodegradable. We also reuse boxes for shipping whenever possible, which is why your order might arrive in a pre-loved box. And since most shipping labels aren't recyclable, we tracked down some that have a special, fully recyclable adhesive and liner.
Reuse and recycle
After your baby has outgrown his or her bib, please pass it along to another little one! We'd consider that a far greater success than selling another bib. If you don't know any babies, just mail the bib back to us and we'll have the silicone recycled.
It's electric
The official Bibitomobile is a Chevrolet Bolt. Zero emissions, one hundred percent electric.
The bottom line
The environment matters to us, and not in the greenwashy way but in the "up at 2 a.m. thinking about this stuff" way. We're constantly, actively looking to be more environmentally thoughtful. If you have suggestions or feedback on ways we can do better, let us know.