Frequently asked questions

Can I leave my child alone with the bib?
No. Never. Bibito is not a toy, and children should always be supervised while wearing it. Never leave your child unattended near this or any other bib, and don't allow your child to play with it.
What are your bibs made of?
FDA and EU compliant food-grade silicone. It's free of lead, BPA, phthalates, and plastic. Silicone is a non-toxic material made mostly of sand.
What's the age range for your bibs?
The adjustable buttons mean your bib fits babies and toddlers. Typically, that means six months to four years old or so, but each child is different.
Is shipping included?
Yes, domestic USPS First Class shipping is included. We don't ship internationally at the moment, but we're working on it.
Was my order mailed in a used shipping box?
Possibly! We try to create as little waste as possible for environmental reasons, so sometimes we repurpose clean, sturdy, "pre-loved" shipping boxes. We encourage you to reuse boxes, too, the next time you mail a package. Keep a good thing going.
Why are your silicone bibs more expensive than the ones at the big-box store or the e-commerce giant?

There are a few reasons, but it all comes down to that old chestnut: You get what you pay for. For one thing, the silicone we use is thicker and softer. We've tried other bibs and the crumb-catching pouch often flops around, you can see through the silicone… it's not a great experience, honestly. We believe in quality and in having fewer, better things that you'll actually use, value, and love—as opposed to a bunch of cheap stuff that falls apart or frustrates you.

Secondly, we selected a manufacturer with solid quality-certification and labor practices, and we think it's worth paying a little bit more to ensure a safe product and fair working conditions. Ditto our choice to keep the environment top-of-mind. The FSC-certified and recycled paper we use cost more than plastic packaging and mailers, but most plastic isn't recycled, and we don't want our packaging sitting in a landfill for the next 500 years.

Finally, charitable giving is baked into everything we do. When you buy a Bibito bib, you'll provide a meal to a hungry person who needs one. You'll also be supporting a small, family-owned business and nonprofit organizations that fight hunger, support maternal health, and bolster environmental action.

Do the bibs have any decoration or designs on them?
Nope. Just a little Bibito logo on the back.
Is my bib recyclable?
Technically, yes—but not through most curbside programs. When you're done with your bib, please pass it along to another family. Or mail it back to us and we'll make sure it is properly recycled.
Where are the bibs manufactured?
Bibito is responsibly manufactured in China, in a small factory with independent external audits to ensure safety and fair labor conditions for its workers.
Why are there spots on my bib after a dishwasher cycle?
These are water spots, just like the ones that show up on drinking glasses. They tend to be more obvious if you have hard water. You can use one of those store-bought rinse aids if you want, but we've had excellent results by pouring a few capfuls of vinegar into a container and leaving it on the dishwasher's top rack while the cycle runs. Voila—no more spots.
Can I make my shipment carbon-neutral?
Yeah you can! At checkout, you'll have the option to offset your package's CO2 impact through Cloverly. We don't take a penny if you choose to do this, btw.
Do you do collaborations or custom colors?
Indeed we do. Contact us to find out more.
Do you even wholesale, bro?
Yes. Contact us to find out more.
Boy, this is a long FAQ.
We know. We can be wordy sometimes.